Crown Linen | Ecolab | TEA – 360° Virtual Plant Tour


Immersive. Engaging. Exciting.
360-degree virtual facility tour project.


I thought that tour was great! Great job on the camera work and the enthusiastic narration from everyone. Lets line up another plant! Cripes that place looked like a surgical facility it was so damn clean. That set the bar pretty damn high!

Chris K

/ Sales Leader – TRSA
When COVID-19 brought a global industry association’s events to a halt, the executive team worked with Volu Interactive to make sure that the show went on and that their members could tour an industry-leading operation to learn about the latest technology, equipment, and processes to enhance safety and efficiency.


Our solution

Live event to engage members and to provide them a walk-through and introduction to a new and innovative operation recently brought on-line.
The Volu Interactive team proposed a virtual plant tour delivered via conferencing software that would enable participants to walk participants through the facility together.
Sponsoring companies needed to be represented in a way that provided them adequate visibility but where their presence did not distract from the quality and flow of the tour.
Volu producers enabled sponsor logos to pop-up when a participant moved their view to a piece of equipment relevant to that sponsor. A standalone iteration of the tour enables viewers to click the logo and follow a link to a relevant spec sheet or sponsor website.
The tour needed to stick to a specified 45-minute block to accommodate questions from participants located around the U.S.
The Volu production team conducted interviews with relevant facility experts and reps from sponsoring companies in advance and edited the tour into a 360-degree video that was matched to an audio timeline. The tour ended on-time exactly at the pre-defined 60-minute mark.


The industry-leading trade association was able to safely and successfully conduct a key feature of their annual meeting to overwhelmingly positive reviews from association members.
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