TRSA – Industrial Training Video Shorts


Targeted. Energized. Impactful.
TRSA video shorts training project.


An international professional association needed a series of short and focused training videos available to their member companies.

Joseph Ricci

TRSA hired Volu to produce 25 3- to 5-minute video shorts focused on machine operation, job demands, and safety considerations for each work station in a commercial laundry operation. The Volu team authored targeted scripts from multiple source documents, captured video at several locations around the country, and completed three cuts for each video to ensure an excellent end-product.


Our solution

TRSA needed a targeted and high-impact training video production to offer its member companies a visual tool to train associates on difficult jobs.
Volu Interactive proposed the production of several 3- to 5-minute video "shorts" in each of TRSA's industry segments -- industrial, hospitality, and food and beverage.
Operating lean with a highly talented, though time-crunched team, TRSA sought a reliable training development partner who could complete the complex project in a short turnaround.
Volu Interactive came to the table with a detailed scope of work and project approach, including a project schedule that had organized the work to expedite deliverables.
Facilities for video content were dispersed around the U.S. making it difficult for the internal TRSA team to capture and produce content in a seamless and efficient way.
TRSA trusted Volu Interactive to leverage creativity and tight project management acumen to create storyboards and voice-overs, capture the necessary video footage in several locations, and package it all together in a professionally produced consumable for their members.


A watchable series of focused, high-impact videos for every work station in each industry segment (industrial, hospitality, healthcare, food & beverage) available for on-demand learning.
Close client collaboration
Volu Interactive worked closely with TRSA and industry personnel to script and storyboard videos around the association's comprehensive "go to" operations manual.
Flexible approach
Despite multiple client changes to the project direction, the Volu team absorbed the project modifications and focused on providing our customer a premium product.
Practical training tool
The end-result of the product was a series of easy-to-follow video shorts that have been proven to be effective for hiring, operations training, safety briefings, and re-training.
Easy implementation
The Volu Interactive team worked with the TRSA tech staff to deliver final video cuts in the desired size and format to expedite launch and marketing.

Volu completes even complicated projects on-schedule.