Clyde’s Restaurant Group – Server Skills Training Program

We created training that resonates with a new generation of service employees for a national restaurant industry leader.


Clyde’s will be able to leverage new training methods, multimedia and technology to take our already-proven training programs into the 21st Century.

John G. Laytham

/ President, Clyde’s Restaurant Group
Clyde’s Restaurant Group needed to update their legacy training with new content and fresh approach to provide exceptional service. They hired the Volu team to streamline their content to focus their server and management skills training on what mattered most — and in a format that told a story that sticks with Gen Y and Millennial trainees.
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Outdated and legacy training was based around a manual that wasn't read (or used) by new trainees.
Updated training was crafted around targeted discussions with managers, trainers, and top performing staff, including what training should achieve, challenges faced, and what motivates new employees.
Training was diluted and not need, or goal-based. Managers and trainees, alike, felt as though content was meandering and training took longer than necessary.
Volu developed motivating, goal-driven training oriented around program goals and needs, with each class session following a consistent, well thought-out roadmap to achieve learning objectives and hands-on activities.
Institutional knowledge came from direct involvement of senior management and members of management -- whether they had the time or not.
Volu developed skills training videos based around the lessons learned of managers and the decades of knowledge around the Clyde's history, culture and brand.


Engaging and focused goal-driven training consisting of applied classroom learning with role-plays and interactive multimedia to bring the training alive and make it real.
Updated, streamlined training content
Volu analyzed and streamlined the training content to focus the content on what matters most: industry-leading service taking a long-term approach to profitability.
Applied role-play scenarios and exercises
Volu focused in-training interactive scenarios to allow trainees to apply learned concepts and lessons learned in a safe, role-play environment where learning came from failure -- not negative customer reviews.
Engaging custom training videos
Clyde's wanted their own "Fish!" video. The Volu team produced the video "Capital C: The five steps to Clyde's success" training video that captured the lessons learned from Clyde's management and team leaders.
Interactive simulations
The Volu team created an interactive POV video taking trainees through the steps necessary to successfully serve a table and provide the "exceptional service" for which Clyde's is known.

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